2022, choreography for emergency exit signs, 30min

Hello, How Are You?

2019, installation, stainless steel, traffic reflection foil

I Feel You

2018, billboard, pump system, 6×4m


2018, liquid cooling system, stock photograpy, twinwall polypropylene sheets

Deep Within a Muddy Radioactive Wasteland

2017, dummy door lock cylinder, engraving, UV gel nail polish

Context-Free Movement

2016, monobloc chairs, water transfer prints, video, sound

Nordic Company

2015, stainless steel, shower hose, banner

Sneakers (Black, Red, Gold)

2015, installation, customized NIKEiD shoes, size 12

The Dinner

2014, sculpture, galvanized sheet metal, 50 guests

Surface Drainage

2014, galvanized steel, ~900×12×7.5cm


2013, intervention in public space, 5 days

Cable Support System with Sediment & In-Concrete Duct

2012, installation, galvanized steel, sodium acetate trihydrate, ~24m; photograph, 45×64cm


2012, sculpture, concrete, drainpipes, each 140×30×30cm

Sculpture in the Courtyard of the Baden State Library in Karlsruhe

2009, intervention, 160×160×160cm

Long Batten

2009, installation, dimensions variable


2008, installation, ~6m